Customer Privacy 

We’ve all been victims of endless spam, so Soap Lady treats this subject seriously. There is no need to provide any private information in order to browse the website, although if you wish to receive notifications of new offers, special reductions and new products you would need to join our mailing list. If you do choose to join our mailing list that would be great and we promise not to inundate you with e-mails – we’ll only send messages when we think there is something that you would like to know. Anyway, should you wish to unsubscribe from receiving further E-mails from Soap Lady then just send us a message and we’ll then remove your details from the mailing list straight away. Because of the type of products we sell there might sometimes be an occasion when you have shared personal information with us – such as a skin condition or another health issue – so that we are best informed to recommend the most suitable product. Critically, and consistent with our objective of building confidential one-to-one relationships with our customers, Soap Lady respects that this information is both private and personal and undertakes to ensure that no details are shared with anybody else or any third party. Should you wish to have a copy of your own private information that we might hold or if you wish for any of your private information to be deleted from our site then this can be easily arrange if you send us a written request and include proof of identity.

Please click here to view more details on our Privacy Policy – Please note that by accepting our terms and conditions you are aware and accept our Privacy Policy

Animal Testing

Soap Lady does not approve of animal testing in any shape or form. Our products are not tested on any animals and no ingredients used in the makeup of our products are tested on animals. As part of Soap Lady’s commitment to ethical sourcing our suppliers have been screened for animal testing of their products and have received Soap Lady’s seal of approval.

Buying our Products

We will take orders and arrange delivery to anywhere in the globe…..we love to meet people!

Once a payment has been made and the funds have cleared our account we will then arrange the delivery of the products. You should allow up to 3 days for your order to be processed. Delivery times will vary according to where you are in the world, but, for instance, UK orders would normally take 7-14 days for delivery.

The price you see quoted on the website for all our products includes tax. Postage is also calculated at the time of making your order and will be subject to your delivery address and the number of soaps purchased. Postage will automatically be processed at the time of the order online when you click on the country of destination and the number of purchased soaps providing you with a total price to pay (See Shipping).  *Guidance note: Shipping costs are added at the point of proceeding to check-out. A customer can purchase up to a maximum of seventeen (17) bars of natural soap with packaging as one order without exceeding the 2kg shipping cost. Please refer to the Shipping Costs for full details of costs.

Soap Lady uses PTT–Turkey for all shipping requirements, but should the order be of significant size (exceeds 2kg) or urgently required then an accurate shipping cost can be sourced. It will be necessary for a member of the Soap Lady Team to contact the customer to clarify the shipping cost before despatch. If the customer wishes to exceed the maximum number of soaps (17 bars) then we recommend that they contact us here at Soap Lady before placing an order.

Unless otherwise stated all our prices quoted on the online shopping website are not offers or sale reductions and Team Soap Lady will amend prices accordingly and subject to our discretion.

You can make payment with Credit/Debit Card through the secure PayU system. It is both safe and secure and has been a reliable means of payment with many of our customers providing reassurance for both the customer and ourselves. Please check for additional fees that may be incurred at the time of progressing a transaction with bank transfer / Credit / Debit Card payments. At present, PayPal has ceased all services in Turkey, however, should it be reinstated then we will of course, re-introduce this payment option.

Team Soap Lady will not be held liable for any inaccurate information that has been provided through our online shopping website where, for example, the delivery address details have been incorrectly provided on the database by the customer. We will, of course, try our best to ascertain the whereabouts of a shipped order and seek the support of the PTT tracking service. In such circumstances we will review any request for a refund where no delivery has been fulfilled to the correct address and will inform you, the customer of our decision.

Where an order is made online for a ‘Gift Delivery’ to an alternative address then Soap Lady cannot be held liable for the delivery being made earlier or later than the target date (Birthday, Mother’s Day, Christmas). We shall of course, endeavour to ensure delivery as near as possible to the designated date as per the customers’ request.

Orders that are made online at the Soap Lady website are subject to shipping arrangements only. There are no suitable arrangements for purchases to be made online and for the items to be retained in any of the Soap Lady shops for subsequent collection by the customer.

Returns and Refunds Policy

We at Soap Lady are happy to offer a 7 day returns policy on any purchases that are damaged upon delivery or are not the correct description or quantity as per the online order. Soap Lady must be informed in writing within 7 days of receiving the goods. We will offer a refund or an exchange of the goods to a similar value of the original order. If a photograph of the goods and their condition is available for a member of the Soap Lady Team to view then this will both help with our processing and expediting of the matter.

We must remind all customers that our products are not medicinal and are natural cosmetic herbal products. Despite many positive reviews and customer feedback comments that we have received Soap Lady cannot guarantee that soap purchased for a specific skin, hair or other physiological health problem will be cured.

It is important that where customers have purchased soaps for a specific skin, hair or other medical problem relating to the body they must use the soap appropriately as per the instructions that are despatched with the soap at the time of shipping. Though we do not know what effects our soap may have on customers, as rare as it may be, if the customer suspects or sees any signs of a reaction to the area applied then it is advisable that they stop using the soap with immediate effect. We advise that all customers satisfy themselves as to the suitability of our products they wish to purchase for themselves and for those they are purchasing on behalf of prior to purchase. Soap Lady does not accept responsibility for wrongful purchase. 


Soap Lady will accept orders from across the globe and arrange reliable and cost effective shipping. Our orders are shipped via PTT–Turkey.

The price you see quoted on the website for all our products includes tax but excludes postage. Postage is calculated at the time of making your order, however there will be some destinations where a calculated shipping cost is not available through the payment system and it might be necessary for a member of the Soap Lady Team to contact you to confirm the cost and to arrange how this can be paid separately to the product cost.

*Guidance note: Shipping costs are added at the point of proceeding to check-out. A customer can purchase up to seventeen (17) bars of natural soap with packaging as one order without exceeding the 2kg shipping cost. It is critical that the customer inputs the correct destination to ensure the correct shipping cost is identified. The customer must check the accuracy of the purchases and shipping costs during all stages before submitting final payment. Failure to input correct shipping costs will result in the reduced number of products being dispatched (in consultation with the customer) so shipping costs can be recovered or an alternative solution can be agreed.

Shipping costs are dependent upon the weight of the order and the delivery address. However, in the majority of cases postage will automatically be processed at the time of the online order and will provide you with a total price to pay. Soap Lady uses PTT–Turkey for all shipping requirements, however, where an order is of a significant size (exceeds 2kg) or urgency then the customer should contact Soap Lady prior to placing an order so that an accurate shipping cost can be sourced before dispatching.

Quality Control

Soap Lady is a registered company and retains a certified copy of the ingredients contained within our soaps. The manufacturer is a certified, registered and authorised company. Soap Lady also retains a certified and stamped copy of approval upon inspection from Governmental Department for the manufacture, distributions and selling of our products (T.C Saglik Bakanligi – Ilac ve Eczacilik Genel Mudurlugu). For guidance all our soap products are suitable for storage and use for 5 years from the date of manufacture. All of our soaps are now stamped with date of manufacture and best before date.