Handmade Turkey SoapsAll Our Handmade Turkey Soaps, are free from parabens and Sodium Lauryl Sulphate (SLS) and are produced with no animal testing or fats. Our soap bars each weighing approximately 100g, contain olive oil in addition to the natural oil specific to each soap and with their unique and subtle fragrance their popularity has continued to grow.

It is important for you and us when searching for and purchasing soaps that you are able to select the soaps that benefit you most. This is especially so when treating skin conditions. Take a look at our new feature, ‘Soap Benefits’ to see if the most suitable soap is recommended within the categories that we have outlined. Alternatively, you may use the search facility where you can enter key words and see which selection of soaps have been recommended.

Just click on a selected soap photo, scroll down and you will have all the information you need and the benefits of that soap. Importantly, please do not hesitate to Contact Us by e-mail if unsure and we at Soap Lady will do our best to assist you with recommendations. Check out the Reviews link too and get an insight into what has worked well for other Soap Lady customers with regards to the benefits of our soaps, their on-line shopping experience and our overall service to our customers.

Because our soaps are handmade there will be occasions where the soap colour may vary at times from batch to batch and also in comparison to what you see on our website. This will also occur when we produce new batches with added glycerine thus, giving the soap a slightly varying and attractive look in comparison to what the customer may view on the website. Do not worry, this is normal and the same benefits of the soap remain intact within the bar! Wherever possible, after using your soap and to sustain its life expectancy store the soap in a dry soap dish, especially wood, as this is particularly good and do not leave submerged in water.

Handmade Turkey SoapsImportant Note: Shipping costs are added at the point of proceeding to check-out. The shipping cost is based on the number of soaps purchased ​will be subject to where in the world the order is to be dispatched to. Please note that the maximum number of soaps that may be purchased per order is 17 bars. Each order dispatched will not exceed 2kg in weight. Should a customer wish to exceed these quantities then they should contact us via email so that we may make necessary arrangements and provide information on shipping costs. Please see Terms and Conditions for further information.

Soap Lady Tip: Always beneficial to encourage family or friends to try out our products and to understand how good they really are. A bulk order is becoming more popular.

For full details of cargo prices around the world and not exceeding 2kg in weight please refer to the Shipping Costs.