Welcome to our Reviews Page. Firstly, we should point out that all the reviews detailed here are genuine. They have been collated over a period of time dating back to 2010 and have been sourced from customers who have personally visited our shop, comments from our Facebook Page at Soap Lady Oludeniz, Trip Advisor and Email contact.

This is an important page for us as it allows our customers an opportunity to feedback to both us and our customers about how they found the soaps, did it help with a skin issue, look after their skin, smell good and also feedback comments concerning our online service.

It also allows the viewer to check out the comments and get a better understanding of which soaps have been helping other customers with specific skin issues and assist with their decision making when selecting soaps.

Of course, we always encourage customer feedback as it assists both us and our customers, so, to help us all, we have added a new ‘Reviews’ link button which can be found on each individual soap page, below the photo of the soap and it’s description. We would encourage our customers who have used the particular soap to leave a review as to how they found it, did it help or not as the case may be.