Welcome to ‘Soap Benefits’. We have introduced this new search facility to assist you in searching for the soaps that are of benefit to specific skin conditions.

Check out the drop down menu which lists a variety of skin conditions and just by clicking on each line of the menu detailing the skin problems, a selection of our soaps that we would recommend will then be listed.

Just like the ‘Soap Shop’ page, just click on a specific soap and it will provide you with more detail as to what it is good for. You can also shop from this page and add to your cart if you so wish.

Additionally, you can add your own words in the search facility, for example, ‘eczema’ and this will provide a result of our soaps that we recommend for eczema only.

Finally, it is critically important to us here at Soap Lady Oludeniz that when selecting soaps to try, that you select the best for your skin! Therefore, if unsure and you would like us to assist you then we recommend you contact us at: orders@soapladyoludeniz.com or at our Facebook Page and we will respond quickly and point you in the right direction. Many of our customers do this especially our first time customers.


Soap Benefits